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For more than a century DEUTZ Italy has been distributing on the Italian market Deutz diesel engines and spare parts for industrial, agricultural, stationary and vehicular applications with power ranging from 10 to 565 kW. In addition to a wide range of Deutz products, DEUTZ Italy is able to customize the engines in order to meet any customer needs. Moreover, thanks to its capillary network of dealers, DEUTZ Italy is able to guarantee aftersale and service activities for Deutz and MWM engines throughout Italy.

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Application fields

The engines for industrial applications are used to motorize:

  • construction machines
  • material handling machines
  • drilling machines
  • earth-moving machines
  • railway systems
  • airport systems.

Industrial engines have to combine compactness, high performances, low emissions, versatility and high reliability.

The engines for agricultural purposes are used to motorize:

  • tractors
  • tilling machines
  • sowing and harvest machines
  • machines for the transportation and distribution of fertilizers and feed
  • food processing machines.

Agricultural engines are unique in compactness, high performances, low emissions, versatility and high reliability.

The engines for stationary applications are used in energy production plants and/or to power emergency or pumping stations in every place or need. They are mainly used for:

  • emergency and continuous power production generating sets
  • motor pumps for water and industrial liquids
  • irrigation systems
  • fire fighting systems
  • industrial process plants
  • air compression systems
  • cogeneration plants.

Durability and total reliability are basic requirements for stationary engines in order to guarantee energy availability, especially in emergency conditions.

Any existing commercial road system used for the transportation of passengers and goods is equipped with a vehicular engine. Our diesel engines are suitable also for this use, as they comply with the latest control emission regulations and contribute to reduce harmful gases killing our cities and the environment.

Deutz engines and spare parts

Deutz engines are available in a wide range of models, from 2 to 8 cylinders, with a variety of unit displacements, with power ranging from 10 to 565 kW, in different constructive solutions (in line or V) and with different cooling systems (air, air-oil, liquid) complying with almost all the worldwide existing control emission regulations. Furthermore, some engine models are orderable in Power Pack version: the engine is supplied with the cooling systems, designed, built and installed by DEUTZ Italy, already assembled and mounted on the engine.

Stage 5 – ready for the next level
Our EU Stage 4 engines equipped with the exhaust gas treatment systems DPF+SCR already meet the next level of emissions Stage 5, which is planned to enter into force in 2019-2020 in order to bring down the exhaust gas emissions of diesel engines to “0”.

Service and spare parts for MWM and Deutz-MWM engines

DEUTZ Italy is able to ensure service, spare part supply and technical support for every diesel MWM and Deutz-MWM engines running on the Italian territory. Thanks to its know-how and the expertise of its technicians, DEUTZ Italy is also able to carry out any type of repair work on these engines.

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