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With the business unit IML Crosstek, IML Motori sells the products under the brands Liebherr, Farymann and Greaves Cotton, for which it is sole distributor for Italy.

Distributor of




Application fields

The engines for industrial applications are used to motorize:

  • construction machines
  • material handling machines
  • drilling machines
  • earth-moving machines
  • railway systems
  • airport systems.

Industrial engines have to combine compactness, high performances, low emissions, versatility and high reliability.

The engines for stationary applications are used in energy production plants and/or to power emergency or pumping stations in every place or need. They are mainly used for:

  • emergency and continuous power production generating sets
  • motor pumps for water and industrial liquids
  • irrigation systems
  • fire fighting systems
  • industrial process plants
  • air compression systems
  • cogeneration plants.

Durability and total reliability are basic requirements for stationary engines in order to guarantee energy availability, especially in emergency conditions.

Liebherr engines and spare parts

Diesel engines from 130 up to 750 kW for mobile heavy duty machines.
Natural gas or biogas engines from 145 to 516 kWm for cogeneration. The gas engine range includes four in-line models and two V models. Liebherr gas engines are specifically designed to achieve high performances with a mechanical efficiency of 43.8% (DIN-ISO 3046-1) and allow an emission reduction lower than 250 NOx without any exhaust gas after-treatment system.

Farymann engines and spare parts

Single and two-cylinder diesel engines with power ranging from 4 to 11 kW, air-cooled or liquid-cooled, to be used in construction machines, on-board generating sets for pleasure boats, silenced generators, APUs and PMGs.

Greaves Cotton engines and spare parts

Diesel engines, from 3 to 6 cylinders, naturally aspirated, turbocharged and turbo-intercooler, with power ranging from 40 to 250 kVA, to be used only in emergency power generation applications.

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