DEUTZ Italy cooperates with partners coming from all over the world

The partnerships with the world’s most important engine manufacturer in the target market strengthen our leading position, both in Italy and abroad, in the distribution and service of diesel and gas engines.

DEUTZ Italy, in addition to DEUTZ products, also distributes for the Italian market Niigata and Liebherr, and furthermore cooperates with MWM in the field of marine engines for commercial use.

DEUTZ Italy is always searching for new dealerships, collaborations and new markets in order to widen its range of products and services and to further meet its customer needs.


The relationship with Deutz goes back to 1904 with the establishment of the company Giorgio Keller. IML was founded in 1945 as the distributor of the KHD (Klöckner-Humboldt-Deutz), today simply Deutz, one of the most important diesel engine manufacturer in over 125 countries worldwide. For more than a century we have been cooperating with mutual interest and trust.

DEUTZ Italy cooperates with Niigata Power Systems since 2006 by selling on the Italian market diesel engines for marine and power generation applications. Niigata Power Systems, based in Tokyo, is one of the best known Japanese manufacturer that produces not only diesel engines but also gas engine, turbines, dual fuel engines, transmission parts, Z-peller and gen sets.

Liebherr, a family company founded in 1949, is today the world leader in the construction machinery industry with a turnover of 9 billion euro, more than 100 subsidiaries worldwide and 41.000 employees. For Liebherr Group, DEUTZ Italy is the sole distributor for Italy of Liebherr Components (COT), a company dedicated to the development, production and sale of diesel and gas engines for industrial and stationary applications, of components and machine parts.