What we offer


Our specialized technicians are always ready to give you engineering support for the selection, design, installation and validation of our engines on your machines. Moreover, their assistance will help you reach an optimal integration of all hardware and software capabilities.


A continuous and complete maintenance is the secret of a perfect engine operation. Entrust our professionals to maximize durability and value of your machine.

Engine and EAT system maintenance

Performing preventive maintenance at scheduled intervals recommended by the manufacturer is vital to ensure engine durability. In addition to engine maintenance, we are also able to carry out maintenance activities on all exhaust gas after-treatment systems, such as:

  • DOC (diesel oxidation catalyst)
  • DPF (diesel particulate filter)
  • SCR (selective catalytic reduction).
Engine repair and overhaul

IML Motori, in the first person or through its network, is able to take action immediately to repair and put back into operation every engine.

Warranty repair

IML Motori, in the first person or through its network, is able to take action immediately in order to repair engines under warranty and manage the related cost reimbursement with the engine manufacturer.

24h service

We guarantee an emergency service for our customers, running 7 days a week from 06.00 am to 12.00 pm, at the number +39 039 5914471. From 12.00 pm to 06.00 am it is possible to leave a voicemail message and our technician on duty will call you back the next morning.

Service on field

IML Motori, in the first person or through its network, ensures prompt action directly on site, in case of inspection, maintenance or repair. This service avoids you to bring your machine to a repair workshop.

Warranty restoration

Deutz engines come with a 24-month warranty, with limits of running hours in the second year of operation and a third year on main components. In some cases it is also possible a warranty renewal for stocked engines, a warranty extension for a requested time or special warranty conditions for specific needs.

Deutz parts online

An online service which allows anyone, upon registration, to identify every spare parts using the engine serial number and to receive an online quotation.


We are able to dispatch quickly engine and spare parts from our warehouse based in Lomagna with direct delivery to your factory or to your end customer. This is made possible thanks to the stock of engines and spare parts, to a highly qualified team, to the constant improvement of processes and to the use of high-tech management softwares.


IML Motori constantly invests in the technical training of its staff, its network, as well as of machine operators, through periodic training programs aimed at improving the expertise and the execution ability of every specific operations needed on the engines.

For service technicians

Our technical team and our service network are constantly updated thanks to dedicated training courses, held at the engine manufacturers’ factory, at our headquarters or at our OEMs’ premises, in order to operate at the state of mthe art engine technology and development, especially in regard to the exhaust emission reduction regulations.

For machine operators

Training and updating programs exclusively dedicated to the staff in charge of machine operation with the aim of training the operators to a correct and safe running and technical assistance of the machines equipped with our engines.


Thanks to the know-how and the experience gained in the field, our sales managers and our high qualified technicians are always available to provide technical and engineering advice for every need  concerning the marketed engines.


Our sales managers and engineers are able to suggest the selection of the best solution as well as of the most suitable engine taking into account every need and goal.


Our sales managers and engineers are at your disposal to analyse any problem occurring on the field and recommend the best solution for a correct maintenance and repair of your engines.


The tool dedicated to our service network that allows at any time a rapid and direct online access to all technical and commercial information and to be always updated to the latest version with savings in time, effort and costs.

Online services

Entering your personal area you will be able to:

  • query and view real-time spare parts availability in our warehouse in Lomagna;
  • request for quotations;
  • place purchase orders that will be automatically sent and processed by our dedicated staff;
  • view commercial documents such as shipment, delivery note, invoice.