Torqeedo: e-mobility on the water

Torqeedo is the world leader in electric mobility on water: focusing on areas where zero-emission and hybrid propulsion is already competitive, while at the same time increasing its entrepreneurial know-how to develop the products that will lead us to a climate-friendly future.
Since 2017, Torqeedo has been part of the DEUTZ Group, a leading global manufacturer of innovative propulsion systems.
Since 2022 DEUTZ Italy, the Italian subsidiary of DEUTZ AG, based in Lomagna (LC), has been the exclusive distributor for the Italian market.

Electric motors for sailors

Torqeedo offers electric motors for sailboats from tenders to yachts up to 120 feet: compact and powerful outboards, lightweight and space-saving pod drives, and one of the most powerful electric saildrives on the market. The first mass-produced, fully integrated energy management hybrid propulsion. Inquire on our website or contact us for any further information.

Electric motors for motor boats

Enjoy a clean, quiet ride on the water. Outboards in our Travel and Cruise series offer up to 25 horsepower of light, emission-free fun. Need more power? Deep Blue, the first mass-produced, high-performance electric propulsion system for powerboats, is available in outboard and inboard versions up to 100 kW.

Electric Motors for Kayaks

The ideal electric motor for your kayak. Quiet, lightweight, efficient and durable. Your Ultralight will enable you to extend the range of your canoe trips, so you can easily and effortlessly reach the most attractive places in total relaxation. Reach remote fishing areas, maneuver easily without the use of your hands. Enjoy the direct relationship with the water in silence and add extra comfort to your Kayak outings.

Electric motors for professional users


Reliability, efficiency, and safety are critical when choosing propulsion for a commercial boat, just as controlling maintenance costs and fuel consumption must be low and manageable. Spur your business on the water by using Torqeedo products. Torqeedo offers fully integrated high-tech propulsion systems that comply with national and European regulatory standards, with extremely competitive operating costs. Contact us to work out your customized solution that will meet all your needs.