Everything for your engine


High engine operational reliability and minimum breakdown risk are ensured only by the exclusive use of genuine parts, specifically designed and tested by the manufacturer for their engines. Genuine products guarantee high level performances, durability and the choice of a product which fits perfectly your engine.

Maintenance kits

Customized maintenance kits include everything needed for a proper maintenance of your engine and allow cost savings.

Spare parts

IML Motori guarantees the supply of genuine parts for all engine types of the distributed brands to ensure their interchangeability and a proper maintenance and repair of the engines.

Repair kits

With customized engine repair and overhaul kits, IML Motori assures the supply of all genuine spare parts in a single solution to reduce repair time at a reasonable price.

Short / long blocks

The supply of engines in original short and/or long block versions allow to reduce machine downtime in case of engine replacement.

Brand-new engine

Thanks to the engines stocked at our factory, IML Motori is also able to provide in short time brand-new engines for new motorizations.


Xchange products represent the most reasonable solution, for the repair, overhaul or new motorization, from an economical and environmental point of view, as they allow to reduce machine downtime and investment costs. Reconditioned products have the same quality of brand-new ones, also in regard to warranty conditions.

Xchange spare parts

Xchange spare parts are regenerated according to the manufacturer’s quality standards and guarantee the same functionality of new spare parts. The warranty of original X-change products is the same of brand-new ones.

Xchange engines

Xchange engines are built at the manufacturer’s factory using regenerated or new parts. All original X-change engines are tested on the test benches and have the same warranty conditions of brand-new ones. Reconditioned engines keep the exhaust gas emission level for which the engine is/was certified.


IML Motori is able to supply, for large batches, spare parts and maintenance kits customized with company logo, payoff, description, part number, etc. for each OEM in order to realize a unique product.

Customized spare parts

To make them unique, IML Motori supplies customized spare parts for Deutz engines with:

  • your logo on parts and/or packaging;
  • your part number on the identification label;
  • a particular wording or product description of your choice.
Customized maintenance kits

To make them unique, IML Motori supplies customized maintenance kits for Deutz engines with:

  • your logo on parts and/or packaging;
  • your part number on the identification label;
  • a particular wording or product description of your choice;
  • a personalized make-up of the parts included in the kit.


IML Motori provides all the tools needed for maintenance and repair of the engines of the distributed brands. High quality, resistant, durable and safe tools, carefully selected, are a must to repair your engine.

Serdia interface for Deutz engines

One software for all Deutz control units!
Serdia 2010 is the diagnostic tool engineered by Deutz used to dialogue with the engine, to find failures and errors, to monitor the engine operation and also to view and store engine operating data. Serdia 2010 is the necessary software for anyone working on Deutz diesel engines with common rail.

Special tools

Only customized specialist instruments allow technicians to operate correctly on engines and to perform high quality maintenance and repair works.


We offer a wide range of additional accessories which allow to customize your engine configuration to adapt it according to machine requirements and to its operational features.

Accessories to engine completion

Every brand-new engine supplied by IML Motori is customizable in our factory with plenty of accessories (air conditioner, air compressor, coupling flanges, PTOs, etc.), which allow the engine to be installed properly on your machine offering many additional performances.

Power Pack

All you need ready for installation!
IML Motori even supplies customized Deutz diesel engines with cooling systems already installed on the engine. This modular solution ensures maximum flexibility and reduces time and installation risks by the OEM. The so-called Power Packs are available in two versions, with frontal brackets or basic frame, and are specifically designed to reach ambient temperatures up to 55°C.

Component assembly

At its facility, IML Motori is able to assemble single components, provided by you, on the engines and to deliver a fully-accessorized finished product ready for the installation on your machine.


Engine performances, reliability and durability are assured by the use of the right operating liquids, recommended by the manufacturer. Lube oil, glycol and original additives allow better engine performances.

Glycol / antifreeze

The glycol/antifreeze, to be mixed in the coolant liquid, allows cooling system protection and adapts perfectly to all materials installed on the engines avoiding corrosion, cavitation and freezing.

Lube oil

The engine manufacturer’s original lube oil allows a correct engine lubrication during all seasons, offers high protection against wear and deposits, even in machines working at full load, in heavy duty cycles or for long continuous period of time.

Fuel additives

The use of original fuel additives avoids formation of deposits and adherences in the sensitive parts of the injection system and allows removal of any existing deposits.


AdBlue is a watery solution, made up of about 30% of ammonia, usually used in diesel engines with SCR (selective catalytic reduction) technology to reduce NOx emissions from exhaust gases. AdBlue meets high quality standards to allow a perfect operation and durability of SCR systems and the reduction of harmful exhaust emissions.